Phyllodactylidae – Leaf-toed geckos

The geckos with leafy feet and global reach

A family of geckos known for its distinctive leaf-shaped toes, making them easily recognizable. These geckos are found in various regions worldwide, from the Americas to Africa and Europe, showcasing their adaptability to different environments.

These geckos have a flattened body and a wide head, with large eyes and vertical pupils. Their skin is often covered in small, granular scales, and they come in a variety of colors and patterns, including brown, gray, tan, and reddish hues.

One of the most notable characteristics of Phyllodactylidae geckos is their leaf-shaped toes, which are equipped with two rows of lamellae. These specialized toe structures enable them to cling to surfaces with remarkable efficiency, facilitating their movement on various substrates. Additionally, Phyllodactylidae geckos possess movable eyelids, a feature not present in all gecko species, which helps protect their eyes from debris and maintain hydration in arid environments.

These geckos also have their cylindrical tail, which serves multiple purposes. This tail structure allows them to store fat and water, providing reserves for times of scarcity. Additionally, the cylindrical shape aids in locomotion and balance, enhancing their agility in navigating their surroundings.

Phyllodactylidae geckos exhibit both diurnal and nocturnal behaviors, with some species active during the day and others primarily active at night. Their diet varies depending on the species and includes insects, nectar, and pollen, showcasing their versatility in feeding strategies.