Lontra – River otters

Exclusively found in the Americas, these creatures are a sight to behold!

Threats to almost all otter species are growing as deforestation and urbanization increase. The main risks to other species in the genus Lontra include pollution and habitat degradation in wetlands. Members of this genus are still hunted for their fur in the commercial fur trade.

This genus also contains one of the only two species of marine otters and one of the smallest otters on the planet. This genus is only found in the American subcontinent and forages from dusk to dawn but only hunts during the day during the winter.

This genus is exclusively found in the American sub-continent and usually forages from dusk to dawn, but during the winters, it only hunts during the day. Their diets include invertebrate species, including frogs, turtles, fish, crayfish, and crabs. Small terrestrial animals, including birds and their eggs, are also edible. They consume aquatic vegetation on occasion.