Semnornithidae – Toucan-barbets

Big & heavy barbets

Semnornis is a small bird genus that includes toucan-barbets, whose taxonomy isn’t final and agreed upon yet. Barbets of this group are relatively big, reaching between 18 and 21 cm in length (7.1 and 8.3 in). The Toucan barbet is much bigger and heavier than the Prong-billed barbet.

They have large, swollen bills, and their plumage lacks strong sexual dimorphism. The prong-billed barbet’s plumage is orange-brown, while the toucan barbet’s plumage is more distinctively patterned with black, red, grey, and gold.

They are highly gregarious animals found in small groups of up to six individuals or as singles. They are active throughout the day and rise early. During the non-breeding season, the prong-billed barbet sleeps in communal roosts.