Toucan barbet

One might mistake it for a painting by Da Vinci

Luis Fernando Serna Agudelo

The Toucan Barbet is a vividly colored arboreal species found in Colombia and Ecuador’s wet woodland. The female looks like the male, except she doesn’t have the erectile black nuchal tuft. The black crown has a white stripe running through it. The bill’s black subterminal band is lighter than in males.

Wet montane forest and margins and low bushy secondary forest with scattered tall trees are common haunts of the Toucan Barbet. It may graze on fruiting trees in solitary pastures.

This species may be found between 1000 meters (3280 ft) and 2000 meters (6561 ft) above sea level; however, it has been seen as high as 2400 meters (7800 ft) in some places.


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