Galictis – South American wolverines

These mustelids have a snake-like movement pattern when cautious

Members of this genus are known as Grison or Huron, and they are weasel-like carnivores found in the forest ecosystems near rivers and streams in Central and South America. While they can swim effectively and climb trees, they are predominantly terrestrial and primarily diurnal.

They spend the night resting within hollow logs, among tree roots, or in other animals’ abandoned burrows. Grisons seek their prey in an intriguing method. These creatures move in a zigzag manner, making brief bounds and sometimes pausing to lift their heads and smell the air while taking a glance about.

They mainly eat tiny vertebrates, including fish, amphibians, lizards, birds, and mammals. They sometimes consume fruits as well. Despite not being considered to be threatened, grisons suffer from being hunted and trapped for body parts. They are also widely used in the pet industry.