Strawberry poison dart frog

Don’t mistake this creature for a juicy strawberry, as this is the most toxic member of its genus

Pavel Kirillov

Compared to other species, the strawberry poison dart frog is slim, and its vibrant skin has bilateral symmetry. This indicates that the patterns on their skin are symmetrical; nonetheless, this species’ color variations are the most varied within the whole family of poison dart frogs. Their skin may be any color, from strawberry red to blue, yellow to white, and green to black.

They have small bodies, hands, and feet with four unwebbed fingers on each. This species generally lives in cocoa and banana plantations and rainforest settings. This poison dart frog regularly climbs trees and vines, but unlike some other poison dart frogs, it typically spends most of its time on the rainforest floor in leaf litter. They get the alkaline toxins for their toxic skin, mostly from smaller insects like ants.


Population est.
Costa Rica

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