Prionailurus – Asian wild cats

Forest-dwelling spotted small cats of tropical Asia

These adorable cats may be smaller than your pet cat, but they are formidable predators in the forest. They inhabit various tropical forests in South, Southeast, and East Asia.

They are solitary animals and are highly territorial. Territories are marked by urine or scent. Most species are primarily nocturnal. They rest in dense vegetation, thickets, or on tree branches during the day and come down to the ground or to a nearby waterbody to hunt. They are carnivores, and some are specialized to be piscivores. Their diet consists of small mammals, snakes, lizards, birds, fish, crustaceans, frogs, and insects.

Most species have a polygynous mating system, with one male mating with multiple females during a single breeding season. A litter typically consists of 1-4 kittens, depending on the species.

Many species in the genus Prionailurus are vulnerable or endangered due to habitat loss, wetland or forest degradation, or deforestation.