Canis – Wolves & dogs

Some of the biggest and most social of their family; live in groups and packs to take prey larger than themselves

Domestic dogs and true wolves species belong to the genus Canis. Apart from their size, all members of this genus are alike in their anatomy and bones. They are primarily hunters or hunter-scavengers, having strong, pointed, recurved, and gasping canines to tear animal substances. Their claws are a non-retractile, blunt, and strong fit to dig burrows.

Fur is double-coated with soft woolly under and a longer, coarser outer coat. Tails are hairy, reaching the ground. Their senses of touch and taste are not well developed, but they have excellent smell, sight, and hearing senses. Extreme sociability separates this genus from other canids; thus, small groups and nuclear families are indicative of ecological disruption.