Canidae – Dogs

Kills are made by grabbing the nape of the neck and tackling the prey to the ground

No other animal is so closely associated with man from prehistoric times as a dog, which makes this family interesting even for a layman. All kinds and varieties of dogs, wolves, foxes, and jackals; in short, all “scent-trackers” are family members.

Canids are distributed over every inhabitable part of the planet (except a few oceanic islands). All canids are similar to common wolfs or common foxes, with typical long limbs and tall & light-built bodies. They live together in territorial groups and use dens or burrows. Canids have complex social structures, which vary species-wise. Their sense of smell is extraordinary, and they use various signals for communication. Diets are flexible and sometimes feed on vegetable matter or carrion on the unavailability of preferred food. They are adapted to cursorial terrestrial life and are built to hunt.