Cerdocyon – Crab-eating fox

During the wet season, they search for crabs in muddy floodplains

The crab-eating fox is also known as the wood fox, forest fox, or maikong. Their scientific name, ‘Cerdocyon,’ comes from the Greek ‘kerdo’, meaning fox, and ‘kyon’, meaning dog, referring to the fox and dog-like characteristics of this creature. Their pelage is primarily greyish-brown, with red areas on the face, limbs, tails, and ears. The tail is long, bushy, and black-tipped.

They are mainly nocturnal and are also active during dusk. During the day, they rest in dens dug by other animals, often hidden in thick bushes and grasses. Besides eating crabs, they feed on reptiles, rodents, fish, birds, eggs, insects, and fruits.