Conrauidae – Giant frogs

Sub-Saharan frog giants that are commonly known as 'slippery frogs'

The Goliath frog, a renowned member of this amphibian family, known for its colossal size, the largest among all known frog species, is a source of much of the information about this unique family. These remarkable frogs can reach astonishing weights of up to 4 kg (8 lbs). What sets them apart is not only their immense size but also their exceptional growth pattern. Goliath frog tadpoles start out at a size similar to that of an average frog tadpole but continue to grow significantly as they develop.

These aquatic giants predominantly inhabit clean and swiftly flowing bodies of water, often found near waterfalls and streams. They are true water enthusiasts, spending the majority of their lives in these aquatic environments. Starting their lives as tadpoles, they undergo a fascinating metamorphosis, maturing into adult frogs entirely in the water.

An intriguing aspect of this frog family is their ancient lineage. They are among the few amphibians that have survived since well before the time of the dinosaurs. Their existence provides a unique window into the evolutionary history of amphibians and the ancient ecosystems they inhabited.

Despite their long history on Earth, Goliath frogs and their kin are now facing significant threats and are categorized as endangered. Habitat destruction, pollution, and illegal collection have placed these magnificent creatures at risk.