Goliath frog

A frog that is so big that it makes its own ponds using heavy rocks

Ryan Somma

The largest frog in the world appears to move rocks weighing up to two kilos to construct nests in streams. The enormous bodies of goliath frogs have likely evolved because of this hefty hauling. Tadpoles of Goliath frogs are the same size as those of other frog species, yet they just keep growing.

The goliath frog also has a ravenous appetite and will consume anything, including small mammals, insects, crabs, fish, and toads. But among the most sought-after species in the African bushmeat trade are the largest frogs on earth. The goliath frog’s overall population has decreased by at least 50% over the past 15 years, and the species is currently considered endangered.


Population est.
Equatorial Guinea
Presence Uncertain

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