Meles – Eurasian badgers

Home to some of the few species that can eat hedgehogs due to their long claws and thick skin

“Badger” is the collective term for several medium-sized carnivores that belong to the weasel family (Mustelidae) that are widespread around the globe and renowned for their ability to burrow. All species are nocturnal and have anal scent glands, strong jaws, and enormous, heavy claws on their feet that are used to dig for food and build subterranean dens. The species vary in size, habitat, and appearance.

These gregarious animals inhabit a vast system of sets or networks of burrows. They live in groups and forage for food above ground, usually consisting of small animals, eggs, fruit, earthworms, insects, frogs, lizards, earthworms, and carrion. They are classified as least concerned but are often killed by men for sport and are mostly roadkill victims.