Mellivora – Honey badger

Well known for their ferocity, these fearless little creatures are always ready to take on an entire pride of lions

Among the weasel species, the honey badger is a large species. These creatures have huge heads, tiny eyes, and powerful, muscular necks and shoulders. On the other hand, their front feet are robust and broad and have huge claws, aiding badgers in sprinting and grabbing food. Their rear feet are tiny and have short claws.

Their skin is exceedingly tough for predators to grab onto since it is thick and loose. Badgers may escape and attack their adversaries while doing so. The color and behavior of the many subspecies of honey badgers vary, and although they are primarily nocturnal, they sometimes forage during the day.
Typically carnivorous, honey badgers eat snakes, frogs, small rodent species, birds, and eggs. Fruit, bulbs, and roots are also included in their diets as supplements.