Puma – Cougar & jaguarundi

A small group of New World wild cats having uniformly colored fur

The pumas are felines from the New World, inhabiting all forest types in North, Central, and South America. Their uniformly colored coats characterize them.

Unlike the nocturnal spotted cats with whom they share their habitats, they show activity during the day, twilight, and night. They are primarily solitary, and groups are formed between a mother and her kittens or a mating pair. They are ambush predators that mainly eat mammals, like deer and marmosets, reptiles, birds, and frogs.

They are polygamous and can mate throughout the year. The females give birth to one to six kittens depending on the species inside a den. Only mothers provide parental care: they feed the kittens, teach them to hunt, and look after them until they become independent at 1-2 years of age.