Vulpes – True foxes

Vulpes aren’t wolves! Members of this genus are smaller and longer than other dogs, with a bushier tail

These medium-sized foxes are not true wolves, thus separated into a distinct group of true foxes. Identify them with short limbs, long bushy tails, pointed muzzles, and pupils forming vertical fissures (like cats). Their fur coloration varies, with northern forms having soft, fluffy, and long, while others with coarse and sparse fur.

They are monomorphic (structurally and genetically identical) with variations only in size. They inhabit varied landscapes from deserts, taiga, steppes, and tundras to high mountains but avoid thick forests and industrial areas. They are found on five continents and all climatic zones. They are nocturnal in habit and prey on small animals and birds. They diffuse a fetid odor, but not as a weapon like skunks; it is for communication!