Bleeding toad

Its red liquid isn’t blood, but a harmless skin secretion


A fascinating and elusive species native to the rainforests of Java, Indonesia. Known for its distinctive red secretions, which it exudes as a defense mechanism, this small toad has piqued the curiosity of herpetologists and wildlife enthusiasts alike. 

The bleeding toad is relatively small, and its brownish or grayish body is mottled with darker patches that help it blend into the forest floor. The most striking feature of this toad is its ability to secrete a bright red fluid from its skin when threatened, which gives it its common name and is thought to deter predators by implying toxicity. 

This frog can be found in the high-altitude montane forests of the Indonesian island of Java. The bleeding toad prefers moist, cool environments, typically residing under leaf litter, in mossy areas, or near streams within the forest. Its habitat choice supports its need for camouflage and moisture, which are crucial for its survival. The arenocturnal creature is active mostly at night when it hunts for small insects and other invertebrates. Its diet consists primarily of ants, beetles, and small worms, which it catches using its sticky tongue. Little is known about the social behavior of this species due to its elusive nature and the challenges of observing it in the wild.


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