Parson’s Chameleon

Earth’s biggest chameleon by weight and a contender for largest by length


One of Madagascar’s most remarkable reptiles is the Parson’s chameleon. Like all chameleons, it may alter its color in reaction to its environment, the temperature, and the presence of other chameleons, particularly while mating or engaging in combat. They are typically green. However, the hues vary between the sexes.

The Parson’s chameleon is at risk because of excessive collecting, which has caused its population in the wild to decline, even though it is not severely endangered drastically. To stabilize the species and stop further decrease, efforts have been made to stop their trading as of today. IUCN has presently classified the species as Near Threatened.


Population est.

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Terrestrial / Aquatic

Altricial / Precocial

Polygamous / Monogamous

Dimorphic (size) / Monomorphic

Active: Diurnal / Nocturnal

Social behavior: Solitary / Pack / Herd

Diet: Carnivore / Herbivore / Omnivore / Piscivorous / Insectivore

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Dangerous: Yes / No